Aquatic & Coastal Environments (ACE)

With the opening of a new office in Darwin, NT, Innovative Groundwater Solutions (IGS) embraced the opportunity to expand the scope of services we can provide to our new and existing clients by establishing Aquatic and Coastal Environments  (ACE).

Aquatic and Coastal Environments (ACE) forms part of the IGS team, delivering high quality and innovative solutions across the aquatic sciences. With specialist skills in aquatic chemistry, environmental monitoring and aquatic ecology in both the marine and freshwater spheres, ACE aims to employ leading edge technology to provide robust, science-based outcomes for clients. The integral linkages between our natural groundwater and surface water resources are mirrored in the collaborative style of working that IGS and ACE employ, allowing tailored outcomes for our clients.

This page is currently under construction, however further information about ACE can be found here:

Aquatic and Coastal Environments - Information Brochure