Where We Work

IGS has experience and expertise in carrying out a wide variety of projects across all Australian environments, from arid to tropical, as well as internationally. Our past and current projects within Australia include:

  • Hydrogeological assessments and liaison with government agencies to support irrigated agriculture in Northern Australia.
  • Field studies, groundwater modelling and expert peer review services to support Water Allocation Planning across South Australia.
  • Assisting the wine industry and other irrigators to address chemical and biological clogging of irrigation infrastructure in the South East of South Australia.
  • Expert peer review of technical studies to support Coal Seam Gas development in South East Queensland.
  • Surface water – groundwater interaction modelling for surface water diversions to support irrigation in Tasmania.
  • Assessments of groundwater contributions to large rivers in tropical Far North Queensland and the Kimberley region in Western Australia.
  • Groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling to support mine operations and closure planning across Australia.
  • Development of water supplies for gas pipeline and road construction along the Tanami Road in the Northern Territory.

Locations of current and past projects

Innovative Groundwater Solutions- Australia - Where We Work