Environmental Tracers in Hydrogeology

The chemistry and isotopic composition of dissolved ions, compounds and trace gases in groundwater, and the isotopic composition of the water molecule itself, can be some of the most useful tools for identifying the source and 'evolution' of water through the hydrological cycle. Common applications include the determination of the location and characteristics of groundwater recharge processes, water-rock interactions in the soil zone and aquifer, mixing and dispersive processes, and the estimation of fluxes such as recharge rates and groundwater flow velocities. Many radioactive isotopes and anthropogenic gases can also be used to estimate the apparent 'age' of groundwater.

IGS staff have extensive knowledge and experience in all of these applications, with project sites spanning numerous continents and environments ranging from arid zones to tropical savannah and glacial tills.

Environmental Tracers in Hydrogeology - Innovative Groundwater Solutions