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Glenn Harrington

B.Sc. Hons. PhD.

Director and Senior Principal Hydrogeologist

Glenn is a highly motivated and widely respected hydrogeologist with more than 25 years’ professional experience in groundwater assessment and integrated water resources management. He began his professional career in the South Australian Government where he worked for many years in a variety of roles ranging from research and technical assessment through to policy development and senior management. After a year working abroad as a postdoctoral scientist at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, Glenn had another two-year stint in State government before moving into the private sector for a year. From 2008 to 2013, he was the Groundwater Research Stream Leader at CSIRO Water for a Healthy Country Flagship where he was responsible for securing and leading very large, multi-disciplinary projects in many parts of the country, including northern Australia, the Great Artesian Basin and Tasmania. Over the same period, Glenn was also a Chief Investigator for Program 3 (Groundwater – Surface Water Interactions) at the National Centre for Groundwater Research & Training.

Glenn has nationally and internationally recognised technical expertise in arid zone hydrology, the estimation of fluid flow and solute transport in aquitards (i.e., low-permeability rocks), surface water-groundwater interaction, isotope hydrology, environmental geochemistry and groundwater modelling for risk based decision making. He has worked extensively in irrigated agriculture and horticulture; mine planning, operations and closure; water supply for towns, remote communities and major infrastructure; and the environmental sectors. Glenn is a regular independent expert peer reviewer for State, Territory and Commonwealth governments.

Glenn has published widely in the international, peer-reviewed scientific literature, and has attended numerous international conferences including many as an invited speaker. He has served on a number of advisory panels and committees including the Technical Audit Panel for the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment. He has also worked with the International Atomic Energy Agency, both as a technical consultant (Vietnam) and as an active participant in Coordinated Research Projects (USA and Austria).

Nikki Harrington

B.Sc. Hons. PhD.

Principal Hydrogeologist

Nikki is a hydrogeologist of high standards and a strong commitment to excellence, with more than 20 years’ experience in the groundwater industry across the academic, government and private sectors. Her main area of interest throughout her career has been the application of environmental tracer and numerical modelling techniques to address questions relating to resource sustainability and management. A PhD and a post-doctoral fellowship, the latter in Canada, provided solid foundations in different areas of geochemistry and environmental isotopes across a range of geographical and geological settings. More recently, Nikki’s focus has been on delivering science that addresses specific needs of stakeholders and directly informs resource management, first during eight years leading numerous projects in SA Government, and in 2011-2015 with the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training as Project Leader for the Goyder Institute-funded South East Regional Water Balance project. 

Over the past seven years at IGS, Nikki has been the Principal Groundwater Modeller and Geochemist on a range of major projects for irrigation, mining and government clients, with a strong emphasis on development of robust conceptual models of aquifer systems and fit-for-purpose, defensible model designs and outputs.

Daniel Wohling

B.Sc. M.Sc.

Principal Hydrogeologist

Daniel has more than 20 years’ experience assessing groundwater resource capacity and developing water supply strategies for industry and agriculture, and has managed many remote drilling, aquifer pumping test and environmental sampling programs across South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and the Northern Territory. Daniel joined IGS in February 2017 after 15 years working for the South Australian Government.

Daniel has expertise designing, analysing and interpreting aquifer pumping tests, hydrochemistry and environmental tracer sampling and interpretation, analytical and numerical groundwater modelling, bore and borefield design, on-site supervision and management of drilling programs and a fundamental understanding of groundwater resource capacity assessment to inform water supply strategies. Daniel is highly organised and committed to regular communication to ensure safe, practical and cost-effective outcomes are delivered to the client’s expectations.

Jordi Batlle-Aguilar

B.Sc. M.Sc. PhD.

Senior Hydrogeologist

Jordi has more than 10 years’ experience in hydrogeology in the application of innovative hydrogeological techniques to support water resources assessment, as well as human health and ecological risk. Jordi has expertise in surface water–groundwater interaction, site investigation, use of environmental tracers and hydrogeochemistry to determine recharge rates, sources and cross-contamination between aquifers, estimating fluid flow and solute transport in aquifers and aquitards, design and implementation of groundwater monitoring networks, and groundwater modelling. Jordi has gained an important breadth of knowledge and skills thanks to having worked in a rich variety of projects, environments and climatic settings, from urban Europe (Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Romania), to remote areas of Africa (Burkina Faso), Australia and the central plains of the United States of America.

Since the end of his Ph.D. Jordi worked in several universities in Europe and Australia. Between 2014 and 2017 Jordi worked in Kansas (USA) where he coordinated fundamental and applied research projects on groundwater quality and hydrogeology, of both national and local significance. During that time Jordi also supported the Kansas Geological Survey’s efforts in the areas of technical service and communication, education and public information, routinely collaborating with local stakeholders, water districts and state water agencies. Jordi has comprehensively published in international peer-reviewed journals, authored several project reports and presented at numerous international conferences.

Amie Leggett

B.Sc. M.Env.Sc.

Principal Environmental Scientist

Amie is an experienced Environmental Scientist specialising in aquatic sciences with 15 years’ experience, across both the public and private sector, managing and conducting environmental studies. Amie joined IGS in 2021, opening the Darwin office and developing Aquatic and Coastal Environments (ACE), with the aim to provide a robust set of services in both the groundwater and surface water space.

Prior to moving to the Northern Territory, Amie spent several years in consulting in Western Australia, working on a diverse range of projects spanning water and sediment chemistry, aquatic ecology, and impact/risk assessment in fresh waters, marine and groundwaters. Through these projects, she had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of locations including Brazil, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the Republic of Congo and remote regions of Australia. This provided Amie with a broad range of skills and knowledge applicable across environments and sectors and has given her a keen appreciation of environmental and social interlinkages.

On moving to Darwin, Amie worked for the Supervising Scientist branch of the Commonwealth government focussing on the successful closure of the Ranger Uranium Mine in the world heritage listed, Kakadu National Park. Her role supported the mine closure process through stakeholder engagement, expert technical assessment of closure proposals and the application of the complex regulatory framework which surrounds Ranger mine. During this time Amie was involved in the development of an integrated research and monitoring program including surface water, groundwater, aquatic biota and ecosystem restoration using cutting edge technologies.

Amie also has a keen interest in the development and implementation of remote sensing and spatial analysis methods to enhance environmental decision making in an era of increasingly accessible and abundant data capture.

James Headon

B.Sc. M.Sc.

Principal Hydrogeologist

James has more than 16 years’ professional experience in the UK and Australia across industrial, landfill, mining, local council and environmental consultancy sectors. James’s broad experience extends across groundwater investigations, monitoring and compliance with a particular strength in the development of conceptual models for a range of sites and purposes extending from water resource, water supply and contaminated site assessments. James draws on his experience in groundwater and surface water investigations to understand the varying and interdependent linkages in the natural environment in order to provide the best advice and outcomes for his clients. He has demonstrated experience managing both small-scale and large-scale multi-million-dollar projects utilising multidisciplinary and multi-location teams stretching from Mauritius to New Zealand. This approach has allowed him to create the best team for the project to meet the objectives for a diverse range of multinational and national industry clients, WA-based companies and sector agencies.

James leads the growing IGS team in the Western Australia (Fremantle) office but works with teams across Australia and is dedicated to creating new and strengthening existing client relationships. Through experience managing a group of up to 15 professionals, James recognises that the health and well-being of the staff are paramount to providing high class technically sound project delivery.

Robin Keegan-Treloar

B.Sc. Hons., PhD

Senior Hydrogeologist

Robin is a capable hydrogeologist with a wide breadth of knowledge throughout hydrogeology. His main interests are in the use of geostatistics and stochastic methods for modelling spatially variable phenomena. This interest arose from his PhD project that focused on approaches to utilize sparse datasets to characterize the regional hydrogeology surrounding a culturally and ecological spring complex in the Galilee Basin, Queensland, Australia.

He has strong technical and data analysis skills that have been demonstrated through analysis of hydrogeological and meteorological datasets to address a wide variety of problems and through the development of Python-based software for spatial, hydrogeological, and meteorological projects. He has excellent GIS skills and experience using major modelling codes including MODFLOW-6, PHREEQC and GSLIB.

His experience using stochastic approaches to fully utilize available data has proved valuable for conceptualizing groundwater systems on both local and regional scales. He has excellent written skills as demonstrated through the publication of research in leading international journals and the timely delivery of high-quality reports to stakeholders. Robin has an excellent attention to detail and is dedicated to providing high-quality science to address client needs.

Jarrod Curtis

Groundwater field technician

Jarrod is a dynamic field technical officer who has a wealth of experience in construction, materials logistics and remote drilling supervision. Jarrod started his career in the construction industry as a carpenter, owning his own business before moving into construction supervision and project management for one of the largest building groups in Western Australia. Looking for a sea change, Jarrod moved to the Northern Territory, continuing construction in remote areas, before embarking on a new challenge in logistics for the oil and gas industry. Over this time, he managed a warehouse for an international company before becoming a Materials Controller for a large offshore gas processing project.

These roles have allowed Jarrod to develop a wide range of skills which make him a valued addition to the IGS team, most importantly an ability to problem solve, manage field logistics and communicate with a range of people across cultures. His prior experiences saw him travel throughout Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Jarrod is extremely comfortable with remote area work, having spent his personal time exploring and camping in the Australian bush.

Nicole Kreis - Innovative Groundwater Solutions

Nicole Kreis

B.Com (Corporate Finance with Accounting Qualifications), B.Fin

Finance Officer

After completing her degrees in 2006, Nicole held similar positions in the government and not-for-profit sectors before starting with IGS in August 2022. She is now responsible for managing the day-to-day financial operations at IGS and providing support to the Management Team.